Is BetterTomorrow FDA approved?
Dietary supplements are not reviewed and approved by the FDA. BetterTomorrow is a dietary supplements so it cannot be reviewed by the FDA. We use natural ingredients available over-the-counter and are manufactured in FDA inspected and approved facilities .

Is BetterTomorrow safe?
Yes. Our HaloShot top is manufactured using health grade plastic. We derived the ingredients for our Rewind formula after consulting M.D.s and holistic health practitioners. What we recommend is in line with the World Health Organization’s suggested treatments for a hangover (Yes, they have one).

Does the HaloShot spout fit on any liquor bottle?
Most, but not all. Currently, we are only making one size to fit all standard 750ml (fifth) bottles. If the bottle comes with a flow regulator, you will need to remove it before applying.

How long does each spout last?
A fully filled spout will last an entire 750ml bottle. As each shot passes through the spout, the right amount of the solution—just enough to help out your body and chase the burn of alcohol—is added into the shot.

If the Haloshot spout refillable?
Yes. A lot of our customers are bar staff, so we designed our top to be easy to use and refill, even during the busiest hours. Simply follow the directions on the guide.

Will BetterTomorrow make me feel less drunk than if I weren't using it?
A common question we get. No, this will not make you feel soberer (yes, that’s a word) than if you aren’t using it. BetterTomorrow helps your body process the alcohol faster and keep you hydrated, so while you won’t notice a sobering affect while drinking, you will notice it the next morning.

I use BetterTomorrow and like how I feel. Can I work for you?
We are always open to adding members to our team. Some of our current staff joined after trying BetterTomorrow and we could always use more help! Contact us at (email).

This last one isn't a question: be responsible while drinking. Don't drink and drive.

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