Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help you, not lie to you. BetterTomorrow does not guarantee a hangover-free next day, especially if you are drinking more than you normally would. Our concentrate gives you the electrolytes and nutrition your body needs to mitigate the negative effects of alcohol. If you are blackout drunk, chances are you will not feel great the next day, with or without BetterTomorrow. BetterTomorrow does not allow you to drink more alcohol than you normally would and does not affect drunkeness.

Is BetterTomorrow safe?
Yes, we worked with a leading pharmaceutical expert to choose the natural, holistic ingredients in our BetterTomorrow concentrate. Our formula was developed based on the World Health Organization's suggested treatment for dehydration.

Is BetterTomorrow FDA approved?
BetterTomorrow is FDA compliant. Dietary supplements are not reviewed or approved by the FDA. We use the best quality, natural ingredients which are manufactured in FDA inspected and approved facilities.

Can I use BetterTomorrow if I am taking other medicine?
BetterTomorrow is made of natural, over-the-counter supplements. Although our team of pharmaceutical experts does not expect any adverse affects, we recommend consulting your doctor or medical practitioner if you are worried about how BetterTomorrow will interact with any medication you may be taking.

Do I have to be a heavy drinker to receive any benefit from BetterTomorrow?
Nope! Whether you're having a beer with a friend or cruising through a bottle of Three Buck Chuck watching Bachelor reruns, it's always a good idea to hydrate!

Will BetterTomorrow make me feel less drunk than if I wasn't using it?
No. This will not make you feel soberer (yes, that's a word). BetterTomorrow helps your body metabolize alcohol and remain more hydrated. While you won't notice a sobering affect when drinking, you will notice it the next morning.

How long does each BetterTomorrow liquor spout last?
Each spout can be filled with enough BetterTomorrow hydration concentrate to last for a liter of liquor. You can use the spout on any standard bottle size, including fifths and pints.

Is the BetterTomorrow liquor spout refillable?
Yes. To refill the spout, twist the top in the opposite direction of the arrows. Fill up the inner chamber almost all the way to the top. Realign the white dashes, push down, and twist in the direction of the arrows.

I use BetterTomorrow and like its effect. Are you hiring?
We are open to adding new members to our team. Some of our current staff joined after trying BetterTomorrow! Contact with your qualifications.