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Hydration when you need it most.



of Americans are chronically dehydrated


The best way to combat the negative effects of alcohol is to give your body the hydration and nutrition it requires while you're drinking. Your body isn't naturally equipped to efficiently metabolize alcohol. We partnered with leading pharmaceutical expert, Dr. Lianli Li, President of Gateway Pharmaceutical, to create a natural, flavorless concentrate that helps you stay more hydrated and better process alcohol.


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Help you stay hydrated by replacing the essential body salts that you lose when drinking. Keep muscular and nervous system in full swing.


Another nutrient that alcohol depletes, and one that many of us are already deficient in. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce nausea.

B Vitamins

Alcohol burns up B vitamins in your body, especially vitamin B1, thiamine. B vitamins keep your energy high, your body hydrated, and nervous system strengthened.

Herbal Active

A new, natural preservative.


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Once you understand why you can feel sick the day after drinking, it's easy to understand the best way to prevent it.


1. Alcohol is a diuretic.

That means you'll pee a lot, which leads to dehydration. Alcohol suppresses the release of vasopressin in your body, a hormone which repurposes water released by your kidneys back into the body.


2. Your body isn't naturally equipped to metabolize alcohol well.

Your body breaks down alcohol in two stages.

  • Enzymes break down the alcohol you ingest into acetaldehyde,a toxic byproduct that triggers an inflammation response.

  • An enzyme called glutathione will break it down into acetate, a harmless substance that you pee out.

A hangover occurs because the second metabolic process is slower than the first, which leads to a build-up of acetaldehyde toxicity.


3. Alcohol disrupts your REM sleep-cycle.

That saying your uncle told you about having a nightcap is wrong.


Why other hydration methods aren't efficient.

How and when you choose to hydrate is more important than what you're hydrating with. Other products that have similar electrolytes and vitamins encourage users to take a potent, concentrated pill/drink before or after a night out. Although it's better than nothing, giving your body an overload of hydration at once means you'll end up peeing out most of the electrolytes and vitamins you need before your body can use them.